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THE HAUNTED - Made me do It CD/DVD Slipcase

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THE HAUNTED - Made me do It CD/DVD Slipcase

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All Media, Limited Edition, Slipcase


Made Me Do It
CD-1 Dark Intentions 1:30
CD-2 Bury Your Dead 3:07
CD-3 Trespass 3:40
CD-4 Leech 4:39
CD-5 Hollow Ground 4:10
CD-6 Revelation 1:35
CD-7 The World Burns 4:10
CD-8 Human Debris 3:01
CD-9 Silencer 3:04
CD-10 Under The Surface 4:13
CD-11 Victim Iced 2:56
Caught On Tape
Akasaka Blitz Club, Tokyo, Japan 55:00
DVD-1 Dark Intentions
DVD-2 Bury Your Dead
DVD-3 Chasm
DVD-4 Trespass
DVD-5 Shattered
DVD-6 Hollow Ground
DVD-7 Chokehold
DVD-8 Leech
DVD-9 In Vein
DVD-10 Revelation
DVD-11 Bullethole
DVD-12 Silencer
DVD-13 Three Times
DVD-14 Undead
DVD-15 Blinded By Fear
DVD-16 Hate Song
KB, Malmö, Sweden 55:00
DVD-17 Dark Intentions
DVD-18 Bury Your Dead
DVD-19 Chasm
DVD-20 Trespass
DVD-21 Undead
DVD-22 Hollow Ground
DVD-23 Chokehold
DVD-24 Leech
DVD-25 Revelation
DVD-26 Bullethole
DVD-27 Three Times
DVD-28 In Vein
DVD-29 Silencer
DVD-30 Hate Song
DVD-31 Drum Solo
DVD-32 Blinded By Fear
DVD-33 Shattered
Bonus Features
DVD-34 Shithead
DVD-35 The Making Of One Kill Wonder


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