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SOCIAL SHIT | LSD Sexxxperience CD

Venal Productions

SOCIAL SHIT | LSD Sexxxperience CD

$ 9.99 USD

death grind from Argentina / Venal Productions

Release date:


1 Drunk Porno Junky
2 Cop Woman - Cock Suker
3 I Loose My Weeding Ring Into Your Ass During A Fistfuck (My Wife Is Gonna Cut My Balls)
4 Shit Around My Dick
5 To Fuck A Shemale Is Gay
6 Macho Milk Breakfast For My Slut
7 Bolivian Surfer (Drowning In The Shit)
8 There Is Nothing Better Than A Teethless Blowjob
9 Crazy Pig Fucker Dumbass Pussy Piece Of Shit
10 Electric Grind Gorechestra
11 Antichrist Super Pornostar
12 Emo Guys Shit Splattered Walls Massacre
13 Old Mama Fuck Fest

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