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Sick Reviews - Compiled Corpses CD


Sick Reviews - Compiled Corpses CD

$ 2.99 USD

Brutal death metal compilation officially distributed by Rotten Cemetery Records

Release Date: 03 Mar 2016


1 –Hymenotomy Human Feces Collector [Unreleased Promo Version]
2 –Mephistopheles (7) Butchering Of Human Depraved [New Unreleased Track]
3 –Carnivorous Voracity Epiphanies Of Perverse Egocentrism [Rough Mix]
4 –Virulency Mephistophelian Æsthetic Eroticism [New Mix]
5 –Cerebral Effusion Narcissistic Taphonomy [Rough Mix]
6 –Chalera Molesting The False Decapitated Prophet [Rough Mix]
7 –Meathook Coils Of Entrails [New Unreleased Track]
8 –Asphyxiate Self Transform From The Decayed Flesh [Unreleased Demo Version]
9 –Gorgasm Carnivwhore [Rough Mix]
10 –Omnipotent Hysteria Grafting The Cerebral Void [Rough Mix]
11 –Putridity Portrait Of A Soiled Innocence [Rough Mix]
12 –Interfectorment Injecting The Creep [Rough Mix]
13 –Iatrogenia Brutally Sodomized [Rough Mix]
14 –Mangled Atrocity Regurgitated Menstrual Seepage [Exclusive Re-Recorded Track]
15 –Bowel Stew Thanatophiliac Partenophagy [Rough Mix]
16 –Encenathrakh Ngthra [Rough Mix]
17 –Excoriation Hanged, Drawn And Quartered [Unreleased Promo Version]
18 –Datura (4) Carve Letter K [Rough Mix]


Limited to 666 hand-numbered copies.

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