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SEVARED RECORDS | Brutality Reigns Fest II DVD

Sevared Records

SEVARED RECORDS | Brutality Reigns Fest II DVD

$ 10.99 USD

2nd annual Sevared Records "Brutality Reigns" Festival 2012!!! This 2 day festival was recorded in high definition video (3 separate HD cameras) and incredible audio!! This DVD will change how you look at festival dvds!! Featuring: Putrid Pile, Embalmer, Abdicate, Forced Asphyxiation, Defleshuary, The Unborn Dead, Goemagot, Sapremia, Death Sick, Neurolepsy, Septophile, Disfigured Dead, Malformed, etc.. and behind the scenes footage, and tons more!! 4 Tracks from each band, over 240 minutes long!

Release date:
2012Limited Edition, Special Edition



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