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PURULENT | Garavito's Pathological Factor 2CD

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PURULENT | Garavito's Pathological Factor 2CD

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Death Metal/Grindcore band, from Colombia.

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Patología Grotesca (1996)

CD1-1 Brutal Mortacion 4:17
CD1-2 Fervor Antropofago 2:59
CD1-3 Generofilia 2:58
CD1-4 Sublimacion Necrofilica 5:26
CD1-5 Extracciones Vomitoconvulsivas 3:10
CD1-6 Interlutium 3:33
CD1-7 Addicion Vulvocavernosa 3:37
CD1-8 Goreficacion 4:43
CD1-9 Patologica Grotesca 3:36
CD1-10 Trepanacion Corporea 3:41
CD1-11 Carne Inerte Nauseabunda 3:00

Looking Through The Windows Pt 1 (1995)

CD1-12 Carne Inerte Nauseabunda 3:08
CD1-13 Fervor Antropofago 3:08
CD1-14 Patologica Grotesca 4:03

Looking Through The Windows Pt 2 (1997)

CD1-15 Masturbation 2:29

Bonus Tracks

CD1-16 Goreficacion (Live At Rock Al Parque In Bogota, Colombia 1998) 3:22
CD1-17 Goreficacion 3:26
CD1-18 Waterlogged 3:31
CD1-19 Catedral De Sangre 2:49
CD1-20 Muerte Oscura Ritual De Terror 2:56
CD1-21 Cursed 3:20
CD1-22 Carne Inerte Nauseanbunda 2:30

Garavito's Pedophila Tales (2001)

CD2-1 I Hate Your Dreadful Harelip 3:02
CD2-2 Cold Blood Slaughter 1:59
CD2-3 Kingdom Of Bastards 1:23
CD2-4 Torture Inside Of Me 3:23
CD2-5 Garavito's Pedophilia Tales 2:43
CD2-6 And I Put My Finger In His Ass 1:35
CD2-7 Orgy Of Knife And Blood 2:22
CD2-8 Rape 2:41
CD2-9 My Quartered Stepmother 4:21
CD2-10 Torture Inside Of Me 4:32
CD2-11 My Quartered Stepmother 4:04

Bonus Tracks

CD2-12 Rape (Live In Mucha Musica, City TV) 2:48
CD2-13 Unhinged By Sickness (Live In Mucha Musica, City TV) 3:16
CD2-14 My Father In Law Who Defecated Himself To Death (Live At Chlumec Nad Cidinov - Obscene Society Fest, Czech Rep. 5/17/03) 5:01
CD2-15 Amputated Genitals (Live In Muchein, Germany 5/10/03) 3:17
CD2-16 Butcher Geriatric Bloodshed 4:23
CD2-17 Sexual Experience With Animals And My Mother's Cadaver 4:17
CD2-18 Vaginal Skin Grind Vomit 2:49
CD2-19 Charred Neighborhood 3:06
CD2-20 The Awakener (Live In Armenia, Col 2000)

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