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Human Enslavement ‎– The Apocalypse Of Hate CD

Lord Of The Sick Rec

Human Enslavement ‎– The Apocalypse Of Hate CD

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Brutal Death Metal with international Members:

Mike Bass
 Harhoog, Human Rejection, Monstrosity, Serocs, Vile, Doomsilla, ex-Capharnaum, ex-Eulogy, ex-Lecherous Nocturne, ex-Skinned, ex-Trivium (live), ex-The Autumn Offering, ex-Lifeless Dreams... Pale Illusions, ex-Scab Maggot
Jim Guitars
Feculent Abscess, Human Rejection, Nader Sadek (live), Doomsilla, Bandwhore, ex-Cystic Dysentery, ex-Extremely Rotten, ex-Nakhiel, ex-Necropia
Dima Vocals
See also: Fetal Decay, Vomit Remnants, ex-Filthy Flesh
Dani Drums (2014-present)
Fecal God, Human Rejection, Doomsilla, Bandwhore, Cemetery Slüt, Diabolation, Drenched, Dysembrioma, Puriform, Skin Tomb, ex-Cystic Dysentery, ex-Debauchery, ex-Luna Field, ex-Arktulus

Released on Jul 31 - 2016


1 Symbiotic Neurogenesis 4:25
2 Beating Heart Cadavar 3:42
3 New World Prison 3:53
4 Tears Of Blood 4:30
5 The Structure Of Mankind 3:42
6 Bitter Ad Nauseum 4:37
7 Degenerate Extinction 3:43
8 Creatures Of Misconception 4:04
9 Violent Liturgy 3:43
10 The Writhing Sick 3:19
11 Subjected To A Beating (Dying Fetus Cover) 4:54
12 Mechanism Of Slavery 1:15

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