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Hate Eternal - The Perilous Fight (DVD, NTSC)

Earache Records

Hate Eternal - The Perilous Fight (DVD, NTSC)

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Technical Death Metal masters from USA, DVD Officially licensed version from Earache Records Russian Version (Союз)

Release Date: 2006

1 Two Demons
2 Servants Of The Gods
3 The Victorious Reign
4 Dogma Condemned
5 I, Monarch
6 Behold Judas
7 The Obscure Terror
8 To Know Our Enemies
9 Powers That Be
10 By His Own Decree
11 Sons Of Darkness
12 King Of All Kings
13 Powers That Be (Promo Video)
14 I, Monarch (Promo Video)
15 The Victorious Reign (Promo Video)


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