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Psychosurgical Intervention signed for a Full length

The Russian band Psychosurgical Intervention, have signed a contract with Rotten Cemetery Records for the release of their upcoming album entittled "ACT I" early this next 2017, the band will be entering the studio in January. Be prepare for this new act of merciless brutality!

Band's Bio:

Psychosurgical Intervention was founded in October of 2015 by the only member of "Kraworath" Roman Kartashov in Saratov, Russia. During the songwriting process two members joined the band - drummer Peter Fateyev and vocalist Oleg Saitov. Together they played live, recorded a demo and now they are ready to record their debut album.

Psychosurgical Intervention performs an original style slamming brutal death metal in unusual 5/4 signature combining heavy riffs and drops with neckrunning melodies. Oldschool approach with modern ideas.

Listen to their Demo here:


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